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Dolce & Gabbana February 23, 2007

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I don’t really know when this campaign was launched but it is really provocative. I think that this is what designers pretended because at least we are talking about it, I am writing about it… Nevertheless, I believe that there are certain limits.

What do you think about that Ad? I have read that some people say that the problem is not the picture but our minds. 50% is told, 50% is imagined. That is to say, it is not our fault it is YOUR fault, you that have perverse minds and imagine that this girl is going to be raped while some guys not only permit it but enjoyed watching it.

In Spain, last year (2006) 91 women died in their husband’s hands… You cannot turn that into an icon of sexuality misunderstood!


Intellectual property rights and the Internet February 22, 2007

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We have just published a research report at UOC (Open University of Catalonia) about intellectual rights and the Network society, that is to say, mainly the Internet.

It is a RFC (Request for Comments) work, so please if you read it and want to tell us your point of view or just your opinion about it, do not hesitate to contact me.

The direct link is: http://www.uoc.edu/in3/llibetat.
It is written in Spanish and in Catalan, but you can find an abstract and the contents in English. Its licensed under Creative Commons, so feel free to redistribute it.

Apple rediscovers music February 9, 2007

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I am supposed to write about gender, stereotypes, media… at least, that was my first idea when I opened that blog. Nevertheless, sometimes I write about other topics… in fact that is what I am going to do today.

This week Steve Jobs published an article entitled “Thoughts on Music” (click here to read) which might have (I hope so!) very important consequences not only in the “big four” music companies (Universal, Sony BMG, Warner and EMI) but also in our everyday lives. Jobs writes about DRM, not only FairPlay (iTunes’ DRM) but in general. He begins with some significant data: through the end of 2006, customers purchased a total of 90 million iPods and 2 billion songs from the iTunes store. Mmmm… An iPod holds 1000 songs so under 3% of the music on the average iPod is purchased from the iTunes store.
Recently, Eduardo Bautista (head of the SGAE, main collective management entity of intellectual property rights) revealed that in Spain only 1% of downloaded music was “legal”… Does this mean that all of us are criminals? At least, that is what they want us to believe. (click here to read the interview

Jobs points out three main solutions to that chaos: continuity (1), interoperable DRM’S (2) and DRM abolition (3). In my opinion, what is really important about all that stuff is the fact that Apple would “wholeheartedly embrace” initiatives in order to create a DRM-free marketplace, that is to say, an interoperable music world.

As time goes by… February 6, 2007

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Recently I wrote about a little crisis… When I started writing posts, when a new blogger was born, I felt curious but above all blogging was amusing.
My first posts were published in a blog called Retos de Internet, which finally was closed, I don’t really know why… anyway, it wasn’t my domain so there was little I could do.

I began writing in Bitacoras a year and a half ago, I mostly write about gender and social or media stereotypes. My PhD was about the feminine press and how women are misrepresented. That was a long time ago (two years!) but I am still interested in these topics, so posts are often related to gender issues.

As I told before, I have been losing interest in posting… I don’t really know the reason, although I believe it is because I don’t have many readers. Nevertheless, due to a research about Free Culture (that includes blogs) I decided to include “Negras tormentas” in a list of blogs that participate in an annual contest organised by a newspaper called “20 Minutos”. I thought nobody would vote for my blog (you have to register…) and at least seven people have!!!

That was what I needed… as time goes by you realise that it is not important HOW MANY people read you but WHO does it.

By the way, from this moment on I will write in English.