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As time goes by… February 6, 2007

Posted by alasbarricadas in General.

Recently I wrote about a little crisis… When I started writing posts, when a new blogger was born, I felt curious but above all blogging was amusing.
My first posts were published in a blog called Retos de Internet, which finally was closed, I don’t really know why… anyway, it wasn’t my domain so there was little I could do.

I began writing in Bitacoras a year and a half ago, I mostly write about gender and social or media stereotypes. My PhD was about the feminine press and how women are misrepresented. That was a long time ago (two years!) but I am still interested in these topics, so posts are often related to gender issues.

As I told before, I have been losing interest in posting… I don’t really know the reason, although I believe it is because I don’t have many readers. Nevertheless, due to a research about Free Culture (that includes blogs) I decided to include “Negras tormentas” in a list of blogs that participate in an annual contest organised by a newspaper called “20 Minutos”. I thought nobody would vote for my blog (you have to register…) and at least seven people have!!!

That was what I needed… as time goes by you realise that it is not important HOW MANY people read you but WHO does it.

By the way, from this moment on I will write in English.



1. Blosit - February 6, 2007

Buenas dado que bitacoras.com está cada vez más abandonada (la mejor muestra es que el mensaje del panel de control lleva un retraso de varios meses), con contínuas caídas, me gustaría invitarte a crearte un blog en http://blosit.com . Utiliza WordPress y es totalmente gratuito. Además tendrás 100MB de espacio y podrás subir archivos de hasta 500KB. Y eso no es todo ya que podrás importar todo tu blog de bitacoras y no perder todas las anotaciones que has hecho!
Minitutorial: http://blosit.com/blog/2006/10/31/exportar-de-bitacorae-a-blosit/

2. Sylvie - February 6, 2007

Sea en el idioma que sea, lo importante es no dejar de escribir. And the topic… always changes but the hand is still the same… so… go on.

3. lynnsinhill - February 6, 2007

Don´t do it!! You have to continue writing even in english, I don´t care, but don´t forget that i am gonna come back. Are you in Spain?

I guess that you were studying in USA.


4. oktomanota - March 13, 2007

you just carry on writing , its a better way to express you ideas, and don´t things that you have not a plenty of reader , may be many person reading you but not every body can respond your comments,
come on go ahead,
congratulation for your intents and off course for your blog

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