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Some data about women… the real situation! March 23, 2007

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I post some data which might help you to draw a picture of the real situation of women who live in Spain:

1 – We dedicate 7 hours and 22 minutes per day to maintain our home (clean, look after the children…) – Men only 3 (average)

2 – 90% of women suffer mobbing at work when they are pregnant

3 – Unemployment women rate doubles men’s one (11% – 6%)

4 – 52% of students at University are women

5 – Only 4.1% of women have had sex with 10 or more men (21.6% of men)

6 – 55.6% of women (24.4% of men) have made love with just one man

7 – 13% of women carry condoms in their first date (70% men)

8 – In 1975 the birth rate was 2.8%, thirty years later… 1.3%!

9 – If you are buying pills to help you to sleep or Prozac… you might be a woman (70% – 30%)

10 – WE CAN DO IT!


Royal academies March 16, 2007

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What would you think if I told you that only 4.4% of members of Spanish Royal Academies are women?

Taking this into consideration, it is not surprising to know that only 3.8% of women have responsibilities in these organisations 😦

Now I can understand why 70% of people who take anti-depressive are also women…

Find more at:
Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales – Instituto de la Mujer

Lordi – Live at BCN March 2, 2007

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I dislike writing about personal things… but I wanted to share some pics we took yesterday… it’s… LORDI!!!


Barcelona – 01-03-2007 (Sala Apolo)