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Some data about women… the real situation! March 23, 2007

Posted by alasbarricadas in Gender.

I post some data which might help you to draw a picture of the real situation of women who live in Spain:

1 – We dedicate 7 hours and 22 minutes per day to maintain our home (clean, look after the children…) – Men only 3 (average)

2 – 90% of women suffer mobbing at work when they are pregnant

3 – Unemployment women rate doubles men’s one (11% – 6%)

4 – 52% of students at University are women

5 – Only 4.1% of women have had sex with 10 or more men (21.6% of men)

6 – 55.6% of women (24.4% of men) have made love with just one man

7 – 13% of women carry condoms in their first date (70% men)

8 – In 1975 the birth rate was 2.8%, thirty years later… 1.3%!

9 – If you are buying pills to help you to sleep or Prozac… you might be a woman (70% – 30%)

10 – WE CAN DO IT!



1. alasbarricadas - April 9, 2007

These data have been taken from a survey made by Instituto Nacional de Estadistica (http://www.ine.es).

Specific link: http://www.ine.es/prodyser/pubweb/saludyhs03/saludyhs03.htm

2. Javi - April 9, 2007

Surely all these surveys ring a bell to all of us, but I need to debate some of the numbers you just put through:

1- Anyone dedicating 7h22′ to home stuff is very likely to be a housewife… The vast majority of people in such situation are women…

2- Define mobbing. Pregnancy jokes?

3- OK.

4- Not in engineering schools… I am into telecommunication engineering and unfortunately they are less than 20% of the students.

5- Or so they say. In Spain, as you might well know, a woman would never admit having had sporadic sexual encounters, whilst a man would always boast about it, even lie.

6- Not until the seventies-eighties premarital sex has become usual in Spain. Then you should sum up the religious background and… Opus Dei, of course!

7- Those 70% are real losers. Does it tell how many of them get to use them? 😀

8- Nothing to be surprised about. Try paying a house!

9- It is a scientific fact that women are more likely to develop wether insomnia or nervous breakdowns…

10- You can, and you will do it! But do not get confused in between… It’s gonna take time for all those women to get to the top!

3. alasbarricadas - April 10, 2007

Javi, thanks for you comments…

As you have noted, these data are not very specific but Instituto Nacional de Estadística (INE) doesn’t make any effort to draw a more realistic situation. It is true that in Engineering school men represent a vast majority; I have checked it out and Instituto de la Mujer – Ministerio de Trabajo y Asuntos Sociales says that in technical degrees women only represent 27% (2004-05).

If we take a look at the average hours dedicated to home stuff… there’s no way to know how many of these women are housewives. Nevertheless, INE says that while in 1976 there were 7.796M of housewifes, in 2000 there were 5.192M (decrease of 33%) so we can suppose that a high percentage of women who dedicate 7 hours to maintain their house also works “outside”.

Finally, I cannot agree with you when you say that women take more Prozac or sleeping pills because we are more likely to develop insomnia or nervous breakdowns… you may be right but I also believe that a high amount of these deseases are due to combining job and family demands (doble jornada laboral)

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