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Tasteless April 13, 2007

Posted by alasbarricadas in Uncategorized.

I wanted to share with you a pic I took a few weeks ago with my cell. Cubihielo is an enterprise which sells ice cubes to restaurants, hotels and even particulars. Can you see anything… strange?

I have written many posts about the exploitation of the feminine body. It is being used everywhere in our everyday life, and in particular in the media.

That draw is, above all, tasteless… but do you know why? Because it is completely unnecessary… You might be thinking (if you are a man) that it is better than a penguin or an eskimo but… it’s for free.

I don’t want to waste more words on that!



1. il_boco - April 15, 2007

Perdona que comenti en català…

Penso que s’abusa de icona que representa la dona, i se la usa massa com a objecte per a vendre productes, que no tenen res a veure amb allò, estic d’acord que un pingüí de ben segur que hagués sigut més escaient. Per altre banda, per molt que no ens agradi (i que no sigui ètic professionalment parlant)la dona i l’erotisme/sexe ven, i com que ven molts l’usen…
Malauradament haurem de aprendre a conviure amb aquest tipus de “publicitat”.

Un alumne

2. Tisurcan - April 17, 2007

¿Sabéis si existe alguna campaña de algún colectivo feminista contra la explotación del cuerpo humano (no sólo el femenino) en la publicidad?
Desconozco el dato.

3. Phoebe - April 20, 2007

Que pilota quets Chesko ¬¬’
Salutacions Meritxell!!

4. Nylonathathep - April 21, 2007

Argh! The pain! I wouldn’t drink from that cup even if they paid me to do so! (Finding a pubic hair twisted in my fang isn’t really something I would look forward to…)

P.S.:Watch out for the knights who say “Ni”! They usually demand sacrifices…

P.p.s.: Yeah, well… you know…

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