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Sex as an entrance door May 18, 2007

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I used to host my blog at Bitacorae and as a matter of fact I didn’t have statistics (although I used Stat Counter)… so one of the things I really like here, in WordPress, is the possibility to know how people come.

There are three main groups of people which I would like to comment.

First of all, there are those who visit my blog just “by accident”, they are surfing and discover Negras tormentas. You are welcome, hope to see you again!

There are also surfers who know me and look for my blog. Mainly, those people are students I teach to at University. They know I have a blog and are interested in reading what the hell that teacher is talking about 😉

Finally, and this group is my favourite, there are people who come to Negras tormentas looking for sex. That’s why I entitled that post “Sex as an entrance door”, I know sex sells but… it’s at least curious… I do not write openly about sex (maybe I should) but as I write about women rights and feminine stereotypes, sometimes I use words such as “blowjob” or “69”.
Nevertheless,  statistics show that when people are asked about their activities on the net,  only 10% (average in Catalonia –> Open University of Catalonia

–>http://www.uoc.edu/in3/pic/cat/index.html )

of Internet users say that they search pornographic contents.

My conclusion (and I quote Dr. Greg House) Everybody lies



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