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no comments June 26, 2007

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Doctor Love June 22, 2007

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I was listening to the radio when I heard an ad about a “Love Cruise”, if you are single you can join us!!! It made me smile.

Why is it so difficult to begin a new relationship when you are on your thirties? I suppose it’s because of stress. I’ll put me as an example:

Wake up at 7 o’clock, drink a glass of juice, get dressed, and go to the gym.

8.30 finish drying hair and downstairs to take the motorbike.

9.00 – 13.30 work at UOC

13.30 – 15.00 lunch

15.00 – 18.00 work again and 18.00 – 20.15 work at URL

20.15 – home, change shoes and downstairs again to make a promenade with Dracma (doggie)

21.00 – Pyjamas, dinner and prepare tomorrow’s lunch…

23.00 – Some reading 😉

When am I supposed to meet new people? Of course there’s Saturday and Sunday… but… I am so tired that by 1 am I fall down asleep… so… are love cruises a solution? What about single dinners? matchpoint?

If you are reading this post and want to have some fun… please watch this, and maybe you’ll learn something new…


From assistant referee to Playmate June 20, 2007

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Ana Paula Oliveira is assistant referee in Brazil. I didn’t know about her but I have been “googling” and she is quite famous in her country, not only because of her beauty but also due to her decisions, which sometimes are a little bit polemic.

She has accepted to pose nude for Playboy, and in my opinion it is a good decision. I know I may sound a little bit controversial because that kind of magazines offer a certain vision of women which might be considered sexist… but I think she has been brave to accept.

At least, now we are talking about her and talking about her is also thinking about why sport and women are words that go apart. Anyway, I won’t write about that issue in that post, I just wanted to say… CONGRATULATIONS Ana!

If Playboy editors asked me, I would also accept. And don’t feel surprised, because those who know me, have heard me saying so one time or another.

Save the cheerleader, save the world June 18, 2007

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Yeah… that title has been taken from “Heroes”… but in fact it’s about cheerleaders that I want to talk about. In Catalonia, and in Spain, they’re not as much as popular as in the United States. However, Futbol Club Barcelona basket team has the best ACB group of cheerleaders (see photo below) .

Last week I was trying to find something interesting to watch at TV, and a program caught my attention. I cannot remember which channel was, but it was a kind of magazine to which you could go and perform an ability. I thought… well… just another freak who can dance like Michael Jackson, a Drag Queen singing Madonna’s latest hit, a man who can move his ears while tiptoeing… But I was wrong… guess who were the guests…

FCB Basket cheerleaders are “the best” of the whole ACB competition. I didn’t know that (I suppose there’s a kind of cheerleaders’ jury) but what impressed me most wasn’t the way they danced (although it leaves you breathless), it was the fact that all of them had a degree.

If you think about a cheerleader stereotype, you might think about a blond girl in her twenties who dances in an irresistible way but cannot join two sentences together. Well, of course having a degree doesn’t mean anything, but I was very surprised. One of them worked as Psychologist, another one in a bank…

Intellectual property rights and the Internet June 14, 2007

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I invite you to listen to a conference about Intellectual property rights and the Internet which took place last May in Málaga (Mundo Internet Congress).

You can listen to Ignasi Labastida (Creative Commons – Spain), Pedro Farré (SGAE), Txema Arnedo (Microsoft) , Miguel Pérez Subías (Asociación de Usuarios de Internet) and… me!