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Baby come to mama… June 11, 2007

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I have watched it at least five times and I keep wondering… what can I write about AXE Ads that has not been written before? On my mind… the same question again and again: does this discourse help selling? Of course… at least you talk about that brand, I AM TALKING ABOUT IT although it’s tasteless. Nevertheless, I have found something new in Axe’s discourse. Let me explain, but first of all listen carefully to the song (I have written down the lyrics).

Bomchikawahwah.. its the libidos montra.. yea it goes bomchickwahwah baby come to mama..

The scent goes up through the nose then right into the brain, attacks the common sense whos always super lame… mmmm.. oooh.. oooh .. ooh .. whats that crazy scent? i cannot concentrate.. must find a recipe for dinner… must get to work.. im late! forget all that stuff girl .. its hopeless to resist.. your libidos in control.. surrender to the mist.

But wait I want true love, like Romeo and Juliet…Thou doth protest to much, now go work up a sweat!What if in the morning, there’s guilt and there’s regret?Better than another night watching tv with your pets. But this really isn’t right, I mean what would mother say?She’d say break out those skimpy thongs and tromp all those clichés.

Bom chicka wah wah…it’s the libido’s mantra…yeah it goes bom chicka wah wah…mmm baby come to mama…

It invades a woman’s mind. Her limbic region goes insane. She’ll start aching for a man and acting so profane. It’s a sexual turrets strange words break out your mouth
We’re here to worn all you girls, there’s a monsoon headed south

Bom chicka wah wah…it’s the labido’s mantra…yeah it goes bom chicka wah wah…mmm baby come to mama… Bom chicka wah wah

How to explain this sensual feeling. Somehow my panties end up on the ceiling. Even guys we cannot stand have us eating from their hands. If you’ve got that aroma on, you can have our whole band. Bom chicka wah wah…

As you noted, I have underlined some phrases or concepts that I find very interesting. And the image which I loved best was when the girl is ironing and, of course, wearing glasses!!!

So men who trust AXE… why are you buying it? Please tell me because I cannot explain! Nevertheless… I really enjoy going to a shop and wait until I see a man (not a teenager!) who takes AXE, closes his eyes and thinks about his next trip by bus!!! I cannot help laughing!

Internet has changed our lives… Statistics show that we watch less television because of You Tube… otherwise, AXE wouldn’t invest in an ad which lasts three minutes!!! Specially thought to be distributed on the Net.

PS: I forgot to underline the orgasmic “ohh ohh ohh!….. If you boys are looking for an orgasm, you’d better concentrate and forget about magic scents 😉



1. Will - January 10, 2009

bomchikawahwah!! haha. I just saw this video on youtube for the first time today, it’s so cool! 🙂

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