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Are you a Mac or a PC? July 24, 2007

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I have been working 10 years with Mac and 4 with PC and I suppose I have enough experience to say that Apple’s computers are simply the best I have ever tried.  Nevertheless, do you think people who prefer Mac are different to those who prefer PC’s? A new campaign launched by Apple is based on these stereotypes, if you want to see some of them just spend a little time in Apple’s website.

People get Apples tattooed but I have never seen Microsoft’s logo drawn on anybody’s skin… does this mean anything? Furthermore, people who use Mac won’t go back, they will not use PC’s again… it’s like Free Software. I supose it is the viral effect, if you use a Mac you’ll try to persuade your friends and family to use it too.

But let’s come back to stereotypes, as I have pasted a picture of the actors that appear in these advertisements. As you can see, PC Man is uglier, older, old-fashioned, wears glasses and is dressed in a dark suit (which includes a tie). Mac Man is… cool? He reminds me of Neo (Matrix character)… casual but smart, and quite attractive… isn’t he?

The stories that are told in these ad’s are also based on stereotypes. I recommend you two of them: “Out of the box” and “Viruses”. Have you ever heard that a PC takes a lot of time before it gets started? Have you ever seen a Mac Virus? In my opinion, those stereotypes are quite near to reality.


Oasis of calm July 13, 2007

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Do you know what is an oasis of calm?

Somebody very special has given me a lithography I wanted for so long…  So I thought I would visit Ikea.com and look for a frame. They have changed the design and I found it so difficult to find it so I decided to take a look at “Living room” section, and what a surprise. There you can read sentences such as: one big room becomes several small areas, more than just a kind place to watch TV, everyday luxury doesn’t have to be expensive, a feminine oasis of calm… A FEMININE OASIS OF CALM!!! What do you exactly mean? I can’t believe my eyes!

I am fed up with these stereotypes… something is feminine if it smooth, tender, fragile and above all… white!!!

So remember, if you are pregnant or you think you might be, ask your doctor if it is a boy or a girl ASAP, so that you can start buying blue or pink clothes.

tattooed again July 6, 2007

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When you get a tattoo, you know it won’t be the only one. I had heard about it, and now I can tell you that it is true (I will upload a video at You Tube so that anyone interested can see the process).

My first tattoo (that will be the second) was 10 years ago… I wanted something small and discreet so I got a little daisy near my ankle. Now I wanted to extend it so I thought that surfing the Net would be an option to find designs. In 1997 we didn’t have Google, of course we had Internet but… let’s say we didn’t have the habit, something that it’s unimaginable nowadays.

So a couple of weeks ago, I began to look for designs and I realised that men and women are different again. I knew that difference but I didn’t want to believe… I paste below some pics so that you can understand what I am talking about. Men still get tattooed “tasteless sexual designs” while I haven’t been able to find a single women with such a drawing (if you find let me know).

Let’s think about it!