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Wanna play with me? Part I – The love machine September 27, 2007

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Visit Axe’s website and you’ll discover world full of topics. I have written a lot about their ad’s but… have you really spent a few minutes to analize all the site? I will just write about two of their toys: the love machine and the Axe feather. What’s worst? Difficult to say…

Are you fluent in language of love? If not… don’t use the love machine, but if you are, just answer four questions and you’ll get a message (such as a postcard) to be delivered to your girl.

First question: How well do you know her? (possible answers–> secret crush, best mate’s girlfriend, future girlfriend, best mate, ex girlfriend –> sorry if you are married!)

Second question: What colour is her hair?

Third question: How much would you spend on an evening with her? (possible answers –> she’d pay, go halves, 5, 50, rob a bank)

Fourth question: If she were an animal, what would she be? (possible answers –> tiger, fox, cat, dog)

Try it! Specially if you are a woman! It doesn’t matter you hair colour, how well does he know you… the fact is that the main question is the last one… depending on the animal the message you will receive is: You make me want to howl, I really fancy you, You’re one foxy lady…

Tomorrow I’ll talk about “Axe Feather”… from now on, think about it!



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