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Avelino… let’s make love! October 31, 2007

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Pepa & Avelino (Pepe Ruiz and Marisa Porcel) are one of the three couples that star in”Escenas de Matrimonio” (+/- Marriage scenes). I know it’s unbelievable but this TV show is one of the most watched nowadays in Spain, rising 31% share last week. Nevertheless… they’re leaving TELE5 to jump to ANTENA 3, why? The battle of audiences rules the world!!! One year ago, another successful tv serial (Aquí no hay quien viva) went from ANTENA 3 to TELE5… they might have forgiven but not forgotten.

“Escenas de matrimonio” is disgusting, doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman… it’s nonsense, tasteless and boring. But what I wanted to note is the fact that the “Federación Asociación de Mujeres Progresistas” has denounced this serial because of the negative stereotypes it promotes. Not only do women insult, lie and even hate their husbands (death menaces or wishes)… in their opinion the way they live together (lack of respect) and the psychological tortures they suffer (they are usually ridiculed because of being ugly or fat) are the cause, in real life, of many many crimes.


For us October 25, 2007

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I wanted to write a post about Forlady for so long… but I wanted to take a picture of one of their shops and wasn’t able until last August… then I forgot I had that picture on my mobile until yesterday… when I finally downloaded it.

Names are important… don’t you think so? Let me note three examples which you might find interesting: Challenger (space shuttle), Ubuntu (GNU/Linux distro), Maná (Mexican rock band). It’s the same with people… I like parents that think twice before deciding their baby’s name, of course it means nothing at all but it can be a good beginning!!! A friend of mine decided to name his daughter Amanda… what a responsibility!!!

…. Forlady?¿?¿ …. what the hell were you thinking about? It’s the ancient classification between Public & Private; Outside & Inside; Earning money & Cooking and looking after the children… wait a minute… Did I say cooking? No more comments.

Oh… come on! Paradise?¿ October 15, 2007

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A few weeks ago we discovered how an oasis of calm looked like… today we will find out a beach that is more or less like paradise. Oh… come on guys!!! (Because I’m sure this promotional ad has been thought by a man!!!)

I knew that women cannot like motorbikes. They also cannot like Formula 1… it’s simply disgusting!!! It’s unacceptable that a public television such as TV3 (Televisió de Catalunya) promotes adverts based on these jurassic topics.

I have complained about it at CAC (Consell de l’Audiovisual de Catalunya). Let’s wait and see what happens! You can find the complete video here

Mag Lari 1 – Yunke 0 October 11, 2007

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Josep Maria Lari (AKA Mag Lari) is one of the best magicians I have ever seen. In my opinion, when you assist to a magic show, it’s not only how the magician performs, how delicate is his sleight of hand… it is the whole show that must be taken into consideration. Mag Lari knows this!

In Mil.lenium, Mag Lari (http://maglari.blogspot.com) carries out a delightful show which won’t leave you indifferent. Bachelor in Catalan philology, his discourse is full of tasteful metaphors and jokes.



Furthermore, and may be what I like the most, he doesn’t have any “partenaire”. Two guys, dressed completely in black, help him during the show, but you won’t see any scantily clad girl. And this is something a woman appreciates (Yunke should take note of that), specially if you like motorbikes and therefore are familiar with such a masculine world.

This week is the last one… if you haven’t seen Mil.lenium yet, don’t loose it. It was a pleasure to help you with “sushi” 😛


Battle of the sexes October 8, 2007

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Daily Mail, the oldest tabloid published in England, and the second biggest-selling daily newspaper (after The Sun) offers on Sunday two magazines, one for her and another one for him. The editors decided to separate contents making a distinction between men (Live Night&Day magazine) and women (You magazine).

This advert, which might remind you of Braveheart’s main battle, is another example of topics and stereotypes. Women like fashion and men sports and technology (some of them use laptop computers to cover); moreover, women are very feminine and pretty while we can see more than one guy let’s say… primitive? not attractive?

On Sunday peace is possible because Daily Mail’s Sunday magazine is divided… Is separatism the only solution? Of course not!