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For us October 25, 2007

Posted by alasbarricadas in Gender.

I wanted to write a post about Forlady for so long… but I wanted to take a picture of one of their shops and wasn’t able until last August… then I forgot I had that picture on my mobile until yesterday… when I finally downloaded it.

Names are important… don’t you think so? Let me note three examples which you might find interesting: Challenger (space shuttle), Ubuntu (GNU/Linux distro), Maná (Mexican rock band). It’s the same with people… I like parents that think twice before deciding their baby’s name, of course it means nothing at all but it can be a good beginning!!! A friend of mine decided to name his daughter Amanda… what a responsibility!!!

…. Forlady?¿?¿ …. what the hell were you thinking about? It’s the ancient classification between Public & Private; Outside & Inside; Earning money & Cooking and looking after the children… wait a minute… Did I say cooking? No more comments.



1. Magomero - October 26, 2007

Dear Mir,
I would like to add this is not the only case…
In Spain there is a chain of supermarkets called MERCADONA. This is the same case than FORLADY, but in “Catalan”.


2. Mir - October 26, 2007

You are right!

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