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California has a new citizen :P December 18, 2007

Posted by alasbarricadas in General.
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As some of you might already know, next January I am going to Los Angeles, I will work at University of Southern California as a researcher and that’s the reason why this blog may be considered unattended… It’s not that I have no comments or ideas to share, it’s just a matter of bureaucracy.

As a consequence “Negras tormentas agitan los aires…” won’t be closed, but I will not post daily or weekly… moreover I am planning to start a new blog as a diary… Secret diary of Meritxell Roca… mmm…. sounds great enough 🙂

Many of our friends have asked us to explain as much as we can of our “Californian adventure” and I cannot find a better way to do so.

Keep your eyes wide open because a brand new blog is about to be born!