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It’s good to be full April 11, 2008

Posted by alasbarricadas in Advertising, Gender.

It’s been long since I last posted but I really wanted to talk about a specific commercial I saw on TV and I haven’t been able to find it (and upload it on YouTube) until now…

The brand is HUNGRY MAN and the idea is similar to Arby’s but reproducing a different stereotype. In this case, the stereotype is that certain food is more appropriate for men rather than for women. Let’s see a couple of examples: a man prefers a double big mac with extra cheese and fries while a woman would drink a latte with caramel and M&M’s essence. But that’s not the only stereotype we find in this commercial, we can also see that women cannot go to the bathroom on their own, they would rather go with a couple of friends.

Enjoy yourselves!