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(·) (·) March 24, 2010

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I still have it on my mind… remember that Wonder Bra advertisement?

It appeared some years ago and it showed a blonde wearing one of these bras and at the footer you could read “I can’t cook… who cares”.

Well this brand new ad by Selene brought me some nasty memories… published recently (it is part of a Valentine’s Day campaign) it promotes the same old idea: work on your beauty and this will reflect in your love life.

No more comments… On the one hand big boobs are not up to date, otherwise skinny models would disappear… on the other hand, men have never stopped dreaming about big tits… it is a contradiction but the not so hidden message remains.


Leroy Merlin… because women also drill June 29, 2009

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I saw that commercial last week and thought it was something else.  I guess you remember that old ad in which a women tried to hang a picture on the wall but made a hundred holes and none of them was useful…  I simply thought that this time it was a second part or something similar. So I went to YouTube, looked for it and watched it again… but it is not what it seems!

I think that this commercial is really interesting because it starts with a stereotype (look at the way she holds the driller when she realizes it is the wrong bag) but the story evolves in a surprising way.

Well done!

Such a Sin(uous) City… December 11, 2008

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Las Vegas is also known as Sin City because visitors have a wide range of activities: gambling, sex, night clubs, express weddings…

I have been in Vegas four times since I arrived L.A. in January and I LOVE IT mainly because it is so unique.

As you can imagine the city changes once the sun sets although the spirit remains the same. I wanted to share with you some pictures, the first were taken on the street (is this the future of advertising?), the traffic sign is from the Hooters Casino and the bitch kit is from Palms Casino (yes… the Playboy hotel is also there…)

I could share some other pics with you but these are more interesting… if you just want the typical views of the Strip, go and Google 😉

It’s good to be full April 11, 2008

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It’s been long since I last posted but I really wanted to talk about a specific commercial I saw on TV and I haven’t been able to find it (and upload it on YouTube) until now…

The brand is HUNGRY MAN and the idea is similar to Arby’s but reproducing a different stereotype. In this case, the stereotype is that certain food is more appropriate for men rather than for women. Let’s see a couple of examples: a man prefers a double big mac with extra cheese and fries while a woman would drink a latte with caramel and M&M’s essence. But that’s not the only stereotype we find in this commercial, we can also see that women cannot go to the bathroom on their own, they would rather go with a couple of friends.

Enjoy yourselves!

Suda el jamón pa’ que te pongas bombón (Body by dance) June 6, 2007

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Nike launched some weeks ago a campaign named “Body by dance” which I didn’t know (thanks You Tube!) but which has made me think about my … body¿?

First of all, you should link here and watch it:

It’s always the same… beauty, beauty and beauty. Skinny women and androgynous men. I AM FED UP WITH IT. Is there any difference if you choose plastic surgery or sport? Obviously there’s a huge difference but actually the idea is the same.

Orlando Bloom, Leonardo di Caprio, Tobey Mc Guire… where have all the men gone?

I need a hero… I’m holding out for a hero…


PD: The best of the ad is the soundtrack… don’t miss it!