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(·) (·) March 24, 2010

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I still have it on my mind… remember that Wonder Bra advertisement?

It appeared some years ago and it showed a blonde wearing one of these bras and at the footer you could read “I can’t cook… who cares”.

Well this brand new ad by Selene brought me some nasty memories… published recently (it is part of a Valentine’s Day campaign) it promotes the same old idea: work on your beauty and this will reflect in your love life.

No more comments… On the one hand big boobs are not up to date, otherwise skinny models would disappear… on the other hand, men have never stopped dreaming about big tits… it is a contradiction but the not so hidden message remains.


Clueless… same old story! December 2, 2009

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I attended a couple of weeks ago a seminar given by Juliet Webster (+info) at the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3) and she mentioned that she had recently read that a study had found out that women are clueless about technology (read the complete article published by The Telegraph here). It is not new, neither it is surprising… but I still find it embarrassing.

The authors of that “study”, TechGuys, have found out that 7 in 10 women would ask for technical advice (related to computers) to a man rather than a woman… doesn’t make any sense to me at all. Moreover, look what has Tim Fairs (TechGuys) said: “We are an equal opportunities employer, and always on the lookout for female TechGuys as we know that some of our customers may feel more comfortable letting a woman into their home, but it’s rare that we ever receive an application from a woman.” Can you believe this?

I have already written posts about this issue, that is to say, about the generalised stereotype by which women should stay at home taking care of their children while men are working and earning money. Please, if you own a publication such as PCWorld try to stop the perpetuation of such stereotypes instead of reinforcing them. We are adults and we know that statistics say what we want them to say. The problem here is who wrote the questionnaire.  A man?

Who would you use it with? November 17, 2009

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What happens if the girl is not so skinny?

What happens if used with a man?

What happens when you get to the butt?

Does it also work on the front?

Does it only work with iPhones? Smartphones?

Just some questions that came to my mind… obviously it is a trick, and apparently free (didn’t try to download it, just in case) but it is disturbing that the ad only uses women. Disturbing, not surprising.

Leroy Merlin… because women also drill June 29, 2009

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I saw that commercial last week and thought it was something else.  I guess you remember that old ad in which a women tried to hang a picture on the wall but made a hundred holes and none of them was useful…  I simply thought that this time it was a second part or something similar. So I went to YouTube, looked for it and watched it again… but it is not what it seems!

I think that this commercial is really interesting because it starts with a stereotype (look at the way she holds the driller when she realizes it is the wrong bag) but the story evolves in a surprising way.

Well done!

Wake up call May 11, 2009

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This post is about prejudices but it is also a wake up call. Susan Boyle, is a 47 year old unemployed woman who lives in a small village in Britain. She is not beautiful and the first time you see her a lot of prejudices come to your mind. She is a contestant at Britain’s got talent (remember America’s got talent?¿!), one of this shows that help some singers and dancers to get an opportunity but also laugh at a lot of people who rather than being gifted are ridiculous.

When I first saw that video, all these prejudices arose… well… this is a wake up call and the song she chose couldn’t be better “I dreamed a dream”.

Watch and enjoy!