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Wake up call May 11, 2009

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This post is about prejudices but it is also a wake up call. Susan Boyle, is a 47 year old unemployed woman who lives in a small village in Britain. She is not beautiful and the first time you see her a lot of prejudices come to your mind. She is a contestant at Britain’s got talent (remember America’s got talent?¿!), one of this shows that help some singers and dancers to get an opportunity but also laugh at a lot of people who rather than being gifted are ridiculous.

When I first saw that video, all these prejudices arose… well… this is a wake up call and the song she chose couldn’t be better “I dreamed a dream”.

Watch and enjoy!


California has a new citizen :P December 18, 2007

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As some of you might already know, next January I am going to Los Angeles, I will work at University of Southern California as a researcher and that’s the reason why this blog may be considered unattended… It’s not that I have no comments or ideas to share, it’s just a matter of bureaucracy.

As a consequence “Negras tormentas agitan los aires…” won’t be closed, but I will not post daily or weekly… moreover I am planning to start a new blog as a diary… Secret diary of Meritxell Roca… mmm…. sounds great enough 🙂

Many of our friends have asked us to explain as much as we can of our “Californian adventure” and I cannot find a better way to do so.

Keep your eyes wide open because a brand new blog is about to be born!

Lordi – Live at BCN March 2, 2007

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I dislike writing about personal things… but I wanted to share some pics we took yesterday… it’s… LORDI!!!


Barcelona – 01-03-2007 (Sala Apolo)

As time goes by… February 6, 2007

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Recently I wrote about a little crisis… When I started writing posts, when a new blogger was born, I felt curious but above all blogging was amusing.
My first posts were published in a blog called Retos de Internet, which finally was closed, I don’t really know why… anyway, it wasn’t my domain so there was little I could do.

I began writing in Bitacoras a year and a half ago, I mostly write about gender and social or media stereotypes. My PhD was about the feminine press and how women are misrepresented. That was a long time ago (two years!) but I am still interested in these topics, so posts are often related to gender issues.

As I told before, I have been losing interest in posting… I don’t really know the reason, although I believe it is because I don’t have many readers. Nevertheless, due to a research about Free Culture (that includes blogs) I decided to include “Negras tormentas” in a list of blogs that participate in an annual contest organised by a newspaper called “20 Minutos”. I thought nobody would vote for my blog (you have to register…) and at least seven people have!!!

That was what I needed… as time goes by you realise that it is not important HOW MANY people read you but WHO does it.

By the way, from this moment on I will write in English.

CRISIS January 31, 2007

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Adolfo, gracias por el aguijonazo, por suerte no ha dolido 😉

Si si… estoy en crisis y creo que voy a cerrar el blog, ha dejado de divertirme y siguiendo con la filosofía open source… la principal motivación que debería movernos es el afán de diversión. Cuando nos lo pasamos bién el tiempo vuela y además, se nos nota en la cara.

En fin, ya acabaré de decidirlo más pausadamente. En cualquier caso, ha sido una aventura genial.